Friday, August 19, 2011


We're 24,882,576th! We're 24,882,576th!

We're 24,882,576th! In Your Face! In Your Face!, the web analytics site, reports back that our humble Dog Blog, Before Nine, is 24,882,576th, out of an estimated total 346,004,403 websites in the whole world.

This means (in an appropriate, "size matters, ranking matters" typically Western manner), according to Alexa approximately 321,121,827 other websites suck worse than Before Nine.

The Top Ten websites (according to Alexa) are: Google; Facebook; YouTube; Yahoo!; Blogger (also a Google site); Baidu; Wikipedia; Twitter; and China's Q

Thank god I don't have their issues to deal with. Still, We're 24,882,576th! We're 24,882,576th! In Your Face! In Your Face!

Well; got that out of my system.

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