Friday, May 9, 2014

Reprint: Victory

( This post is now another annual repeat. )

Victory In Europe (V-E) Day; May 8th

May 8th, 1945; Kaiser-Wilhelms Church
Kurfurstendamm, Berlin

San Francisco, May 8, 1945

May 8th, 1945; Times Square, New York City

Canadian Troops, German Refugees Outside Hamburg, May 8, 1945

May 8th, 1945; Ebensee Concentration Camp, Bavaria

May 8th, 1945; Russian Soliders At The Reichstag, Berlin

May, 1945; Russian Soldiers Near Führerbunker Show Location
In Chancellery Garden Where Hitler's Corpse Was Burned

May 8th, 1945; Berlin

May 7, 1945; Survivors Of Mauthausen Concentration Camp

May 8th, 1945; Winston Churchill At Whitehall, London

May, 1945; Bomb Damage Still Being Cleared, Central London

May, 1945; Berlin

May 8th, 1945; Paris

May 8th, 1945; German Refugees, Juchen (N.Rhein-Westphalia)

Memorial, Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd

Memorial, The Cenotaph, London

Memorial, Near The Mall, Washington, D.C.

Memorial, The Neue Wache With Kollwitz Pieta, Berlin

Memorial, Deportees And Prisoners; Lyon, France

Memorial, Yad Veshem, Jerusalem

Kaiser-Wilhelms Church; Kurfurstendamm, Berlin

European Union Headquarters Building; Brussels, Belgium

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