Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Go Ahead, Tubbo.

MVOHC:  Did you watch the Democratic convention?
DOG:  No.
MVOHC:  You watch the Republicans, but not your own party?
DOG:  I'm not a Democrat, ______. You know I'm not.
MVOHC:  But this is historic. A woman is being nominated for president!
DOG:  Uh-huh.
MVOHC:  You -- are just a hater.
DOG:  I watched it for five minutes, literally. I saw Al Franken burble about She enough to make me never want to watch him do anything again, ever. I'll watch Sarah Silverman because she's hot. Politically deluded in a profound way; but, hot.
MVOHC:  Je-sus. What do you want in this election? What?
DOG:  I want what everyone in America wants: Buy a five-pound bag of Oreos -- take it into a dark room; close the door, throw a blanket over me; assume the fetal position, and eat until I pass out.
MVOHC: I don't want that.
DOG: Oh, sure you do, one way or another. I'm just not willing to fool myself into believing that my desire for Stimulation and Satiety is really about some higher altruistic principle. I like my hypocrisy without a water-back, thanks.
MVOHC: Good luck with that.


  1. i have been a hillary hater, regarding her as devious and deceitful

    - but after watching the last night of the convention i finally had an instant karma moment - i recognized her as my sister and realized that i could trust her - trust her to do her best, according her own lights

    - while still knowing that i cannot trust her to do what i think would be best, or to tell the truth, or to refrain from what i would consider to be unnecessary mass murder, or in any way to dissent from the consensus of the military-industrial-congressional-financial-corporate media complex -

    may the creative forces of the universe have mercy on our souls, if any


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