Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Going Back

No, Thanks; We Can't Stay

We were going to provide you with the secret to unlock time and discover the blinding, heartbreaking sweetness of existence -- but you elected this Creature and yes we're aliens and we are Outta Here.

No (get that McDonald's Value Meal certificate out of my tentacles, dude); thanks very much, but we have to go wash our 1500-foot spacecraft. Or something.


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  1. this past weekend missus charley and i saw the movie referenced (arrival, starring amy adams)

    because i missed a particular reference, i developed an erroneous idea about when various events in the protagonist's life happened - leading to an emotional arc which i found more satisfying than the intended story - so it goes

    one thing i haven't seen referenced yet in discussions of the film - not that i've read very many of them - is the resemblance, probably intentional, of the aliens' "written" language round symbol to the taoist/zen circular brushstroke one sometimes sees - e.g. on the cover of the first paperback edition of heider's "the tao of leadership", which i really liked, by the way


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