Friday, May 8, 2009

In The Meantime, In Between Time; Ain't We got Fun?

(A Mr. Fish Cartoon / April 3, 2009 via Harper's online. Whoever Fish is, they're one of the most brilliant, single-panel 'editorial' cartoonists currently working -- but that's just one Dog's opinion.)

In the What Made Me Do It section at right is a link to his work [and I assume it's a guy because his self-portrait sketch is male] for Harper's. Take a look.

And, I strongly recommend subscribing to Harper's while you're at it. It will run you $17 US -- less than the cost of a meal, or a hardback book -- for a year of thoughtful analysis, humor and commentary. It's worth it to look at Harper's Index every month.

Plus, subscribers can access every single issue of the magazine ever printed. You really want to know what was on the minds of Americans before the Civil War? How commentators spoke about the Gilded Age Robber Barons? How they saw the First World War; Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway's novels; the Depression? The Vietnam War? The issues are all in .pdf format. Go find out.

In a world where magazines which print substance are shrinking to a precious few, Harper's needs to be one of them. Go. Now.

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