Saturday, July 4, 2009

Не дайте меня головной цыпленка и сказать его идет дождь.

Clinton, and Daughter Of Big Gangster In Bed Clothes.
(Photo: From Website Big Uzbecks' Daughter. No Link!)

(This is for Leo [aka Moldavish Guy], my камрад at Place Of The Witless Labor, and is best to enjoy when reading with good but still fake Russian aksent in head -- and, no; is not to be sounding like Boris Badenov, bubchick; and is no way sounding like Sascha Cohen Borat. Be getting real, okay now? Okay.)

Do Not Give Me Head Of Chicken And Say It Rains
by I. Rabschinski

So, I am reading the Harper's online; and hoo boy, I am telling you what a idiot head, what stupid guy this President, the former America President Clinton, is doing in foto with this awful person from Transcaucasian place, the daughter of the Uzbeck president guy.

People not liking him are saying these are like, big criminals. They say President of Uzbekistan is is pretty big criminal guy -- and they also saying this daughter is having her own kind of criminal thing happening. They say not like she is innocent girl wearing little pajama dress. Not even! But, don't believing me -- America's own Radio Liberty has thing to say:

[She] is loathed by many in her home country. There are many rumors about her alleged cruelty toward business rivals, her luxurious lifestyle, and her lucrative business empire. Amid the poverty of ordinary people, these stories rub many Uzbeks the wrong way.

They are saying this is like being the George and Jenna Bush of the Transcaucasus. This is not like, they make bad choice of the furniture, or tell the sex joke at dinner with Sad Vlad and Little Dimitri. No way. It is meaning loot and steal the really big money; like whole country of Uzbekistan is private ATM, you know? And they are making the life really difficult for anyone who says, "Hey! You are bad guy!"

I Have Pain In Head, Seeing These Guys. (White House Photo)

But, America has to be like, "Yes, Mister Gangster guy, we are liking you and wish to have the base for the airplanes in Uzbekistan to fight the bad Taliban guys, and we will of course to pay you lots of cash U.S. dollars." Do they care if people are saying this is guy who would sell mother to Turkish peoples for special car seats which are being heated? Not even, buddyh!

I love the politik. Making me want to make the vomit, and not stop, you know? I, Rabschinski, say this.

And I am not hearing it if you are saying, 'Well, the Clinton did not know this person'. Phtui! That is really crap, you know? As title to this posting says, "Do Not Hand Me Head Of Chicken And Say It Is Raining". The wife is the Hillary, Secretary of The State; understand what I tell you? You think she will not be knowing from Transcaucasian Princess type gangster, maybe? She is making the really bad face now, I bet. Here is what the guy, Ken Silverstein guy from Harper's, says:

The picture turns out to have been taken at an AIDS fundraiser held last May at the Cannes Film Festival. There are also pictures [on website of big criminal daughter] at the same event with Kanye West and Steven Seagal. Those two may or may not know who she is, but Clinton surely does.

Hokay. Not bright moment for Clinton, former President guy. Maybe he only wanted stand next to girl in bed clothes. And, I looked at article in this Harper's place because they have title, "Clinton Boner Photo" -- so, not like I didn't have funny thoughts about what I would see there, okay?

(Cartoon: By Mr. Fish - Harper's online)

Clinton had lots of jokes made with him because of fat girl in White House. Is not like he didn't do the something, okay? Still -- President formerly of U.S. with bad girl in picture is not good.

I, Rabschinski, say this -- to Moldavish Guy; you also.

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