Saturday, September 26, 2009

He Thinks With Little Silvio, Which Isn't That Bright. Come To Think Of It, Big Silvio's Stupid, Too

"Ah, Barack; your wife must be un pezzo fantastico di culo!"
(Photo: Newscom - UPI)

Ha ha ha -- Silvio!! is representing (if you can call it that) Italy at the recent G-20 conference held in Pittsburgh, PA, continues to prove he has all the stability in his emotional behavior of a bag of rats in a burning meth lab. This guy acts like a caricature of an Italian, which may be one reason why so many in Italy are fed up with his not very private antics and public buffoonery.

One thing to remember about Berlusconi's government: His intelligence service was willing to shove bait under Bush's nose pass along dubious intelligence to the CIA -- documents "proving" that Iraq had attempted to buy 'Yellowcake' Uranium from Niger (There are a number of theories around who created them; the most likely suspects are members of Bush and Cheney's own inner circle, or former American intelligence operatives who wanted to "put the bite" on Cheney in particular).

The papers were forgeries; and Italian media has suggested Big Silvio is linked with their transmission to the Bush administration -- which used the "proof" that Iraq was developing WMD's as part of their public excuses to invade Iraq, all of which turned out to be an utter pack of lies false.

Why would Silvio do that? Well, boys and girls; in the world of geopolitics, if you tell (what was then) the world's largest, richest superpower what they want to hear; do them a little favor -- then, they will owe you. Never mind that Bush went back on his word as often as he changed his socks; Silvio! could claim bragging rights to his Oligarch buddies: I got the President of USA in my pocket! What you pay me for access to him, eh?

"I have-a the documents what say Iran makes treaty with
Grey space aliens -- you will pay the big-a money to me, eh?"

Not that he's behaved any better at previous G-20 gatherings. One was held earlier this year in Great Britain, and, well, Silvio kept turning the opening Photo Ops into a remake of Three Went West.

While we're at it -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania??? What is an international conference of the world's major developed (and developing) economies doing in one of the United States' urban sinkholes? Did someone call in a favor? Did someone sell their daughter to the IMF board of governors for a weekend in Cabo? Is Little Dimitri (at Right, above) becoming a Tubbi Boyski, or what?

All due respect to Pittsburgh, but that's kind of like asking the Pope to stay in a hotel in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. His security will be top notch, but -- look where he's been put.

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