Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meine Schreckliche Geburtstag

Extra-Special Bonus Points If You Can Name The Film In
Which This Subway Appears During The First 20 Minutes
(Hint: That Bum Had A Tail? Photo: DVD/Screenshot)

Oh, yes. Check out my lifetime of reviews:

"Didn't work out" - "Not good enough" - "Eeeeeww!" - "Who funded this piece of crap?" - "How can you treat someone like that seriously?" - "A serious disappointment" - "Happy I fired that neurotic SOB" - "Mewling, puking, wallowing in self-pity" - "Glad I got out of the relationship before I wasted some real time" - "Smart, Funny, and Nuts" - "Always knew he'd never amount to anything" - "Painful to watch, worse to be a party to" - "What a loser!"

To everybody involved -- Guess I fucked up. My most sincere apologies. Please turn the lights out when you leave.

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