Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End Of The World As We Know It

Pat Boone, 76 (oh, for god's sake; Look Him Up), has founded the Beverly Hills chapter of the Tea Party.

Boone, who emceed, called the event "not a Republican or a Democrat thing. This is a citizen thing." He ... added a little musical flavor, singing a song he said he wrote specifically for the event. In the lyrics, Boone refers to himself as "a rootin', tootin', flag-waving citizen" and says: "But I pray for our enemies, the Bible says I should. 'Cause if they mess with Uncle Sam they'll disappear for good."

Um, Pat? I thought Uncle Sam was bad. Tea Party says so. Gov'nment is bad socialist evil bad. Takes all our Freedom, or something.

A bunch of exceptionally rich people, demanding that government allow them to enrich themselves virtually without limit? That it adopt immigration policies to ensure they have a steady supply of pool boys and housecleaners, who just aren't seen or heard otherwise?

Tea Party (Teee Par-tee); noun; perjorative: Redneck yahoos, organized into a political party by millionaire and billionaire Wingnuts to ensure that their way of life continues unabated and unfettered, while allowing the yahoos to believe that they "have the power", and are "taking back the country". Similar to the Tea Party scene in "Alice In Wonderland", and with just as much connection to reality.

Alternatively, it's also a method of certain interests exerting influence over what they perceive as a conservative populist movement which, in its worst form, could exhibit itself as religious fascism. Important, then, to make sure their way of life is undisturbed, no matter who's in power.

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