Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teh End

The President spoke last night, and The Potemkin Village which is Our Kapitol chittered and buzzed, and squeaked and grunted with party talk and bedroom and bathroom talk by Very Serious People.

All the Big Pundits and Punditeers, The Very Serious People, agree:

    No One Could Have Predicted it was going to turn into a Cluster;

    Our Former Sainted War Leader, Lil' Boots, is a patriot,
    whose, um... something... cannot be questioned;

    If Only Boyz and Girlz of Teh Media had known and reported
    that there were some questions about, um, things;

    Yes, Our National Debt Tripled because of the
    invasion of Iraq and the cost of the war during Lil' Boots'
    Sainted War Leadership, but who could have predicted,
    et al.;

    If Only Teh Senate and Teh House had known Iraq was
    invaded without any plan for its later administration (except
    the one Feldmarschall Rumsfeld dumped into his wastebasket);

    If Only The American People™ had shown the least
    interest, collectively, in holding the government responsible
    for an utterly unnecessarily invasion and occupation -- but,
    no one could have known, etc.

    Anyway: The Boys 'N Girlz Who Controlled The
    from 2000 - 2008 could not have known
    or predicted anything, and anyway are not to blame
    because they are patriots anyway. This is beyond
    any question. They're people too.

And, over four thousand Americans died. Also 100,000 Iraqis (but that was just during the March, 2003 invasion).

Anyway, it's all over now. President said so.

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