Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You, Lil' Boots. Again. And Again. And Again. And Again.

Worst. United States. President. In. Our. History.

The New York Times online reports that warnings have surfaced, leaked from sources in the American intelligence community, of planned assaults against Western European capitals by Al-Qaeda terrorist teams.

Some of the potential attackers may already be in Europe... [and reports indicate] the Haqqani network in Pakistan as involved in the plot. The network is allied with the Taliban and has been a target of some recent drone attacks in Pakistan.

Another French official speculated that the leak of Washington’s concerns about attacks in Europe from Pakistani Al Qaeda and the Taliban was also meant to justify the increasing drone attacks on targets inside Pakistan, to press Pakistan to use ground troops more aggressively in the tribal areas and even to prepare the ground for using American ground forces, covert or otherwise, inside Pakistan.

However, that's not the money quote:

Many in Washington believe that the answer to stability in Afghanistan lies in a more aggressive offensive against Al Qaeda and Taliban militants sheltering in Pakistan.

Many in Washington? And whom the fuck does the NYT refer to? Where were these Many, when U.S. Forces in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan in 2002 were pulled back from going after Bin Laden et Cie -- knowing where they were -- and not being allowed to complete their mission?

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Where were these policy sageheads when President Cheney and his crack team of incompetents made sure Lil' Boots got his war in Iraq, the easy target (Hey; it's full of WMD's; "Greeted As Liberators"); what could happen?

Where were these "Many" that now say we should be more aggressive in Afghanistan -- when for almost a decade they supported Lil' Boots' official line: To ignore it as if it weren't happening la la la la; I can't hear you..., thereby allowing a Bush family friend Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to regroup, and Osama as the 'spiritual leader' to continue pushing a fantastically warped, megalomaniac vision of re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate.

So, hey -- thanks, Lil' Boots! Running America was just like all the other business ventures you got involved in -- oil business; sports team management; Governor of Texas; husband and father -- each, a complete failure. Except, running America turned out to be an EPIC FAIL. The only real difference is the scale; and now, you have actual blood on your hands: At least a quarter-million people, probably more.

And, there are people walking around in London, Berlin, and Paris right now who may not be walking around any longer, in the near future. They should thank you in advance for your far-sighted, wise counsel and sage leadership-- they'll all want to say Thanks In Advance! for what may happen.

Don't worry your little hereditary-rich head over it. We'll clean up your mess while you take it easy; that's 'god's way', to you. Because you've toiled, and are as well a pathetic piece of human waste regarded, you are living proof of god's having given up on us in disgust and now fucks with us, an immoderate and malicious countenance, shining upon you as one of the Elect.

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