Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Mongo All The Time

Wherein Our Mongo Claims Primacy,
And -- Hey!! Other Dog!!

Steal My Persona And Go To Doggy Hell, Buddy

Looking around the Intertubes a bit, I found a reference that was both curious and disturbing -- not that everything on the 'tubes doesn't strike me as disturbing in some fashion.

Apparently, The South Magazine, a Regional print and online magazine celebrating that part of the country that gave us [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted] and [Redacted] a [Redacted], apparently has a mascot -- the owner's dog, an English Bull Terrier, named Mongo.

Not Me: Someone Else's Mascot, 2009

I've been blogging since 2008, and have been a Dog so much longer than that. The name 'Mongo' (aber natürlich) comes from the mid-seventies film, Blazing Saddles, and was won by me after a night of drunken, smoky collegiate revelry that resulted in, uh, "an incident". I was known to a small cadre of fellow-travelers as Mongo, A Dog, ever since.

I just want it made clear: That Mongo is not me; I am not them. I am, much like Brian, The Other Dog, a Free Dog, not anyone's property, able to make a living, and waste your time with stuff like this.

By the way: Ted Both, Author Guy, wrote a book entitled Mongo: Adventures In Trash in 2004, and noted that

According to Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang, the word mongo was coined in New York in the 1980s. It refers to trash, or more specifically, to treasure found in trash: books, artifacts, furniture, even food. Ted Botha’s book explores a whole culture, and various subcultures, that revolve around mongo.

We work; We bark; We blog. We put our noses into women's crotches; they appear to enjoy it.

Just so we're clear.

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