Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trick Or Traif

Okay. I admit -- humbly -- that I missed the Memo, or the Tweet, or the 800 number flashed subliminaly between frames of Inside Hollywood, or that part in the bible, where we were told it was okay to offer pork 'treats' to children at Halloween.

At Salon (a site I support with money), I found an article by their Cooking Guru, Francis Lam, with a recipe for "Candied Bacon To Get You Ready For Halloween".

Obligatory Small Animal Photograph In Middle Of Bacon Rant
(Courtesy Of Shilling For Bilderberg)

The idea is simple: You cook bacon and then melt sugar onto it, which cools into a sweet, brittle shell... Cooking bacon relatively slowly renders away much of the fat but keeps the meat pliable until you actually candy it, and sugar does crazy things when it gets hot... once sugar hits 310 degrees Fahrenheit, it cools into glass. How will you know when it's gotten that hot? Well, at about 340 it starts to turn to caramel, so once its color becomes golden and then brown, it'll be fine.

As a cooking Dog, I think Francis Lam's writing about cooking is fun, and the recipes he passes along are great. You can read the article here -- but I take handing out candied bacon at Halloween as another sign of the coming of 2012 and the final days of the human race.

Translation Of Mayan Pictographs At Great Temple Of Lompoc

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