Monday, November 1, 2010

Watching The Storm Front

Victorious, The Nation's Right Sits Down On With America
(Graphic: Mr Fish)

There are real disasters occurring in the world, right now -- notably, a volcano in Indonesia; a Tsunami in Indonesia; Cholera in Haiti; massacres in Iraq / Africa / A Wal-Mart Near You.

However, I'm predicting that after tomorrow the final chapter of the United States as we used to know it will begin. As Little Rupert's Fox likes to chitter, endlessly, tomorrow is predicted to be a 'victory' for the Republicans, Conservatives, Tea-Party "Morans", and White Power aficionados across the land. And, it will probably come to pass.

They are supposed to "Take Back" the House Of Representatives, and (possibly) the U.S. Senate, and return America to... something. Whatever it is, it will be unpleasant.

Just like the period from 2001 - 2009. But, so few people remember what that was like; and it was all so long ago. Right?

I predict that, within no less than five and not more than ten years, the United States will be a nation even more skewed towards those who already have wealth; are male and caucasian; are not immigrants or persons of color; and are not members of any Union.

In fact, the Rethugs have made it clear that unions -- of nurses, teachers; anyone who stands in the way of Business increasing its profits, are their special targets.

It will be, even more, a country where the Supreme Court finds that corporations are so people, too and can effectively buy elections, like the Koch brothers... like any respectable Banana Republic's upper classes. Or, a country where the Law simply bends over for money, even more than it does today.

Thanks to people like the O'Donnels, the Bachmans, the Rand Pauls and Tommy Tancredos, politics will become more and more an absurd sideshow -- Little Rupert's Fox will tell you, Who cares about politics? All politicians are corrupt; you can't fight city hall... Go to sleep, now...Go to sleep...

It will be a nation which continues to try and convince its citizens through illusion and images (commercials; Hollywood) that we are so awesome and prosperous; that we're the center of the world. That we have the highest standard of living and the finest of everything, where you can rise as high as your dreams and energy and faith will take you -- so you can enjoy exclusive cable access to sports, fast food, and Gossip Girl.

Lard Boy -- the "intellectual engine" of conservatism -- will vomit out the message of victory and revenge from his radio pulpit; Billy-O will dispense sage advice to token liberals (Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!), and Fat Karl will be paid large sums of money to make speeches at secret conclaves of the rich and powerful.

And Little Glenn Beck will cry, and cry, to see the beauty of his visions for a more godly, "better" America -- one where a socialist illegitimate anti-colonial Negro could never become leader and sit in the same rooms Saint Ronnie once graced with his senility.

For the jus'-plain-folks on the Right, what will follow after tomorrow will be packaged and sold as a resurgence of True American sentiment, a rebirth of Basic Values. A wonderland, and a Golden Time.

Meanwhile, the majority of people who live in America will be unemployed, underemployed, or working harder and longer for less money. There will be more rounds of mergers and selloffs, layoffs, and boom-and-bust. The majority of the people who live in America will become more cynical, less trusting, and angrier -- all while a small minority continues to grow wealthier and control more of politics, of law, and commerce.

America will become a... more 'godly' nation, in the way that the Sarah Palins, Mike Huckabees, Pat Robertsons and Smilin' Ralph Reeds practice their beliefs: That is to say, through intolerance, bigotry, avarice; the grasping for secular power as a means to force others to believe as they do; for discrimination masquerading as professions of faith. Eventually, the notions and whims of these people will find their way into law.

If you believe in equal pay for equal work; if you're LGBT, or practice an unspecified but foreign religion, or believe in a woman's right to choose -- well, don't expect the State to help you. Look instead for it to punish you.

There may even be another war -- just as Little Davey Broder, four years old, suggested in some screed he published yesterday; saying that war would bring more prosperity. We already have two wars, and nearly five thousand military dead of our own, not to mention hundreds of thousands of 'others'. And both wars were gifts from Lil' Boots and his handlers. Won't a third one be fun? Look out, Teheran!

Anyway; To Rightist, Tea Party America: You believe you're about to see the dawn of a wondrous, new time. Enjoy it -- Eat Your Pie. You Eat Every Bite.

You're about to get screwed, right along with the rest of us -- only, you claim it will be proof of love. We know what's coming is nothing but rape. The future of this country is about to belong to people you wouldn't leave your children with, alone, for five minutes.

(Graphic: Mr Fish)

For me, No Parasan.

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