Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Salvato! Silvio Salvato Per Avere il sesso con più ragazze adolescenti!

Silvio! Acts Good, As A PM Should (Photo: The


Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Primo Pene l'Italia, has been given a serious wake-up call: A vote of 'No Confidence' in his government, which he barely survived.

[I have to admit at this juncture, as a Thinking Dog, I have to fight off a desire to explain what that, and differences between a Parliamentary system of government and the Rotating Clown College we use in America. From this point forward, if you're reading something and don't understand it, Tut mir leid. Please do your own research.]

He survived the vote in Italy's Upper Chamber of deputies by 3 votes. In the Lower Chamber of Italy's parliament, Berlusconi's National People's Fascisti Pizza Party has an approximate 25-vote majority -- but it was the vote Tuesday which, if successful, would have forced new Parliamentary elections and removed the tubby Oligarch Berlusconi from power.

In his defense, Berlusconi relied on the same argument which originally brought him to power: Italy, having gone through over 50 governments since 1948, "needs stability". In 2010, Silvio told the Deputies, with the world in an economic crisis, Italy needs continuity and stability, which only a 74-year-old hormonally-raging multi-billionaire with poor impulse control can provide.

Silvio!, as a multi-billionaire Oligarch who runs his own country, favors the 'New Austerity' measures which will force the populations of Europe to pay off debts incurred by corrupt banks (and billionaires), so that the Banksters won't lose a dime of their hard-earned loot.

I particularly liked the part in film from Italian television of Silvio! striding into the Upper Chamber, past the table with his government's ministers -- and noting how many of them were exceptionally beautiful women whom he has hired over the past few years. Their staffs, presumably, run the ministries -- because the appointed Ministers are former models and actresses.

One of these women Ministers (sadly, I do not know who) was interviewed by Agence France-Presse; she was asked point-blank if she found Silvio's! antics with, and demeaning comments toward, women as personally offensive to her. "The Prime Minister behaves like a typical Italian man," she replied. "And thank God he likes women."

And, the Italian people took it well: they demonstrated (some reports say rioted) in the streets.

Crowds Of Demonstrators Battle Italian Police (Video: UTube)

Public Reaction To Berlusconi's Continued Reign (Video: UTube)

I'd remind him of Romania, and what happened to little Nicky Chaucescu -- but I'm only a Dog, and no one listens to me.

Ha Ha Ha -- that Silvio!

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