Monday, January 10, 2011

Self-Knowledge: Stuff About Us

As an infoporn Geek, I solemnly believe the New York Times online edition has some of the most dependable, coolest graphic displays of information on the Intertubes. They pioneered the use of, and have published a huge number of Basic Interactive Maps to present statistical information -- mostly, relating to life in These United States.

NYT, 12/14/10: Map Of American Counties And Median Income

And, they simply have a consistent, recognizable style in the design of their graphic presentations: You can look at one and (without viewing the banner at the top of the page) generally recognize it as being created by the KoolKidz at the NYT.

(NYT, 12/1/10; Click To Enlarge. It's Easy And Fun!)

Below is a graphic from Jennifer Daniel (part of a larger story on the Statistical Abstract Of The United States, the annual report of the U.S. Census Bureau), showing "America By The Numbers".

You'll learn a great deal about yourself. And, you'll have something to talk about when Life hands you an awkward pause in conversation. Tell people on the bus that we drink much more wine and eat less vegetables; or mention to your significant other that only 5.6% of the continental U.S. is considered 'developed land'!

It'll help in boosting your self-confidence, and in forgetting the really awkward fact that we know absolutely nothing about the nature of Reality, what we're doing here, or why anything is. At all. Enjoy:

(NYT, 1/7/11. Click For Larger Graphic; More Fun For YOU!)

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