Thursday, February 17, 2011


There's bad JuJu in Bahrain; the Governor of Wisconsin is an asshat and has provoked unions in the state to finally stand up and make the Right understand that In Union There Is Strength; all of a sudden, there's greater solar flare activity now than at any time in the past five years; and I seem to gain weight simply by fixing fat right out of the air by breathing.

At The Place Of Witless Labor™, I turned to a Subcreature-Peer and said,
You know what? Whenever you want to deliver bad news about something from now on -- I want you to preface it with, Once upon a time, there was a happy, furry puppy. And I want you to put in a Unicorn, and a rainbow, too. Happy furry puppy, and a rainbow. Then you can share all the deliriously whacked-out crap you want. Just lead with the goddamn furry puppy.

But, all the things I mentioned... they're effectively isolated incidents, right? At the micro level, there's plenty of evidence of sanity, relative stability and a few yucks. Sure there is. And a pony.

Later, jumping on my virtual board and surfing the Intertubes, I found this comment on a someone's website:

Anyway, I'm working on a new post and, despite signs to the contrary, I'm not beginning an agonizing retreat into a life of substance abuse and failure. In fact, just this morning, I ate fruit, drew a picture of my dog and then later waved pleasantly at a person passing by on the street. Is that something that a despondent, irreversibly damaged drunk would do? Kapow. Totally logical and irrefutable rebuttal to your possible doubts.

...all righty then. I'm waiting for the Alien Invasion next. Given the signs, I'm sure it's the next thing coming around the corner.

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