Sunday, March 20, 2011

Appointment In Samarra, Too

Courage And Quo Vadis

In first-person shooter games on the Intertubes, when your character is hiding behind a box / barrel / wall / alien thing and being shot at, you don't just stand up and start running -- because you have no clear idea where to go, or what will happen after you come out of your position of safety.

From this morning's NYT:
Western leaders acknowledged, though, that there was no endgame beyond the immediate United Nations authorization to protect Libyan civilians, and it was uncertain that even military strikes would force Colonel Qaddafi from power.

Many of the leaders who were in Paris had called for Colonel Qaddafi to quit, and it may be that military intervention will lead to negotiations with the opposition for the colonel and his family to leave — or, at the least, buys time for the rebels to regroup.

There are risks, though. One widely held concern is the possibility of a divided Libya with no clear authority, opening the door for Islamic extremists to begin operating in a country that had been closed to them. The operation may also present a double standard: While the West has taken punitive action against Libya, a relatively isolated Arab state, the governments in Bahrain and Yemen have faced few penalties after cracking down on their own protest movements.

Oh, and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Elsewherestan denounced the Allied strikes. Funny, given they're allied with Al-Qaeda, and Mommar The Duck says the rebels in Libya are all Al-Qaeda fighters on "psychedelics", and all.

So this should all be fun -- you know; more stuff to watch on your teevee. And educational for the kids. I'm not sure whether to laugh until I throw up, or just throw up.

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