Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Because I Can

The Truthiness Will Set You Moderately Free, Sort Of

There are a variety of theories regarding who runs the planet, and what we had better do to survive. I have my own theory of Who Runs Things.

It came about when a friend, years ago, used the phrase "Tickle Me Hellmo!" to describe the ExMass popular kid's gift of that era (Yes, it was during the reign of "Lil' Boots" Bush). Not long after, she disappeared -- and on Sesame Street, the character Elmo made a reference to my friend's name and added, "She's done! Caught up in something bad! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

(Well; okay: Elmo might have said a name similar to my friend's, and then added, "She's fun! Taught us not to be sad! Ha ha ha ha ha ha, etc.!" But that wouldn't be half as interesting a blog post, n'cest pas?)

Anyway, we're living in a world where the horror is just below the surface. It has it's own website. This is what it looks like -- Click To Read a larger version of The Hidden Truth; It's Easy And Fun!

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