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Whole Lotta Stuff Out There

Ghaddafi Duck Claims Spirit Of god, Rommel And Charlie Sheen Are On His Side -- Rebel forces attempting to dethrone Libya's current leader, Mommar Ghaddafi, continue to advance towards the capital, Tripoli. But, from news footage shown via the BBC of fighting on the road to the coastal town of Surt, Little Mommar's birthplace, they are primarily "local militia", a kind way of saying Untrained Guys With Guns, and are facing both Libyan army troops and hired Mercenaries from Central African countries. Reports this morning indicated that Ghaddafi's forces lured the rebels into the town of Bin Jawwad and ambushed them with tanks and airstrikes (See a New York Times map of the conflict here).

Rebel Forces In Ras Lunuf, Yesterday; You Have To Admire What
These People Are Doing, And Why (Photo: AP)

I'm confident there are people out there, in this Great Land Of Ours, saying to themselves Gosh, if "Lil' Boots" was still th' Supreme Leader, we'd be goin' in with all guns blazin', helpin' them get them some Freedom! YA-hoo! YA-hoo! YAAAAAA-hoo! An' gettin' that oil, too! Jes' like it was supposed to be in that Eye-Rak!

I'm not interested in expanded bloodshed, and don't see the UN as the White Knights here. However, Ghaddafi has shown no compunction in killing as many people as he believes is necessary to regain control of the country, and that's where he and civilization part company. Reports of African mercenaries or Libyan army 'special forces' indiscriminately shooting civilians, looting, and setting fire to homes in "rebel" districts of Tripoli and elsewhere are too detailed and numerous to ignore.

It's just One Dog's Opinion, but from a humanitarian perspective there should be military involvement -- by the U.S., UK, or UN -- in tacit support of the rebellion. I mean, these are Untrained Guys With Guns, remember? Rather than allow a bunch of for-pay mercenaries and unrestrained army yabbos to shoot unarmed people to death just because Gadaffi Duck said it was okay... does this seem right to you? It doesn't to me.

However, if we do become involved, for the oil (remember, because he controlled the oil, we were supporting Ghaddafi until about ten days ago) -- if it's just another usual, American Middle East foreign policy move, then forget it. Assist the rebels, and leave; they'll remember what we've done, and that we didn't stick around to meddle in their internal politics, which we will try to do anyway.

Meanwhile, Little Mommar is as crazy as a rabid Raccoon, and should be put down immediately.

Charlie Sheen Claims He Is Adonis Tiger God Who Smokes Seven-Gram Rocks, Is Good Father -- I don't give a rat's ass about Charlie Sheen. He is, however, in the entertainment business, and the fact that Our Media will follow his antics as this weeks' Shiny Object on the Road To Desolation Row deserves a moment to consider.

Warning: Will Self-Destruct In 5 Seconds

In the 1970's or 80's, Sheen's behavior wouldn't have been covered up, but it would have gone 'under-reported' -- in part because it was unseemly: Imagine, negative publicity actually was a career-limiting event. However, with the rise of new technologies and cable teevee covering the planet 24 X 7 came the Little Rupert business model: Virtual Tits And Ass, And Right-Wing Garbage (To be fair, Little Rupert didn't invent this, but he's become the best purveyor of low-class manipulation on earth by using it).

That's Entertainment! And in the Little Rupert universe, partying with whores porn starlets and trashing your suite at the Plaza Hotel, suggesting that your boss is an evil Jew, and raving like a homeless schizophrenic isn't something to be kept under wraps with a trip to the Betty Ford clinic. That's so 1980's.

Now, it's a replacement for having an actual career. Instead of actually doing something, you can be famous for just -- being famous. Ask Lindsay, whose career has turned into What will I wear to court today? Ask Poor Little Rich Girl, Paris, who does nothing but be photographed doing, you know... Rich Girl stuff. Ask John Galliano, whose career is apparently about lovin' him some Hitler.

Sadly, it appears people are actually fascinated by human weakness and pathological demands for attention (where did you think 'reality teevee' came from?). Advertisers want to exploit it; Rupert wants to make as much money as possible from it; and the world keeps on spinnin'... at least, Little Rupert's world.

A Fox Blondebot: Lip Gloss, Dental Floss, Birther Idiocy

In Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, Yemen, and definitely Libya, people have, uh, a different perspective. Tell the rebel forces outside Tripoli about Charlie Sheen and they'll look at you with blank stares: What is this? Why should I care about this? I have to field-strip my AK-47 now. Not having basic civil rights, being manipulated, lied to, arrested and brutalized for decades, or killed solely because the dictator running things says so will do that to you.

And in Little Rupert's Entertaining News model, Charlie Sheen is tailor-made to be the Freak Of The Week -- filler, between President Boner's talking about shutting down the evil socialist government; and Glenny's telling us to buy precious metals from Goldline! before civilization ends (but not before Rupert is allowed to have the monopoly on public communications in Great Britain, too).

However, all good things (and sales trends) have to come to an end. After a time, no matter what Charlie does to keep grabbing his tiny slice of the kleig light, the Media and the Publik will become tired of hearing Charlie's name. His time will be up -- as Lady Gaga's eventually will; as Madonna's already is; and Justin Bieber will get older. Some new Freak Of the Week will appear, and become the new Shiny Object.

And eventually, Charlie will come to earth -- perhaps with permanent physical damage, perhaps not; more sober, or perhaps not; but without his retinue, his paychecks, his porn-star girlfriends. And if he rants and raves about whatever junk is left in his head, no one will give a damn.

Little Charlie is as crazy as a rabid Raccoon, and should be caged until dry, immediately.

Michele Bachmann Says Obama 'Runs A Gangster Government' -- Remember, the same media that reports on Charlie Sheen's antics also wants its political reporting to have that same flavor of outrageousness and over-the-top, this-just-in sense of desperation. And, like Sheen's highjinks, what the Crazies on the Right are saying and doing fit both parts of the Little Rupert 'News' model -- titillation, and right-wing garbage.

On this morning's Meet The Press, Representative Michele Bachmann (Teabagger / Toontown) told Davy Gregory of NBC, "I don't take back my statement on gangster government.. I think that there have been actions that have been taken by this government that I think are corrupt, thoroughly corrupt... I believe the actions of this government have been emblematic of ones that have not been based on true American values."

Little Michele is as crazy as a rabid Raccoon. But you knew that.

Michael Moore Speaks At Madison Capitol -- On the 18th day of protests against that wacky Governor Scott Walker's attempt to roll back 150 years of labor history disguised as a 'cost-savings' measure, documentary filmaker and Bane Of The Right Wing Michael Moore spoke to a large crowd on the steps of the state capitol building, and told them, "America is not broke".

Moore, After Speaking At Capitol In Madison (Photo: AP)

Moore's speech focused on "three major lies" -- that "Wisconsin is broke.... There are weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, and that "the Packers need [Brett] Favre to win the Super Bowl."

"The country is awash in wealth and cash," Moore said. "It's just not in your hands... It's been transferred from working people" to bankers and America's super-wealthy, "in the greatest heist in history."

"Wall Street, the banks and the Fortune 500 now run this Republic," Moore told the crowd, adding that Governor Walker's actions in Wisconsin "have aroused a sleeping giant, known as the working people".

"Right now, the earth is shaking and the ground is shifting under the feet of those who are in charge. Your message has inspired people in all 50 states: 'We have had it.' ... We are all Wisconsinites now. We are rich with ideas and talent and hard work and love, yes love..."

"For three weeks you have stood in the cold, sat on the floor, skipped out of town to Illinois; whatever it took, you've done it," Moore said. "What is certain, Madison is only the beginning."

The Right only sees what's happened in Wisconsin as fat-cat unions, trying desperately to hold on to bloated salaries and seniority perks. But what if that isn't what's happening at all?

What if Madison is a symptom of a response to events in the American consciousness?

What if it means people understand that we've been screwed? That we're tired of manipulation and lies? That we can see the Masters Of The Universe© are richer, while we're poorer; that the government is clearly on their side? And that people's response is that something has to change?

And what if that change isn't a Teabagger, faux-populist political "party", bankrolled by billionaires?

Still, No One Can Say What Or Why Universe Is -- As another week of human affairs comes to a close and a new one begins, no one -- absolutely no one -- can provide any answer to The Big Questions about the existence of all things, including ourselves.

Here's a photo of the Orion Nebula (via the European Space Organization [ESO]). You should keep in mind exactly how big this skein of gossamer light actually is, while going about your week. Where did it come from? Why is it?

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