Monday, April 25, 2011

Crafty Ol' Hog Stayin' In The Waller

TPM reports that the Klavern's Grand One-Eye Wizard Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour revealed today that he will not run for the Republican nomination for President in 2012.

Clearly, there was a titanic groundswell of support for a Southern gentleman, busily engaged in obtaining a third chin, to seek the office once held by the evil the evil the evil Abraham Lincoln. Barbour said that "Hundreds of people" had encouraged him to run.

His wife, Marsha, had told the press earlier that the "thought of [Barbour's] running for President terrifies me" -- as indeed it terrified that portion of the American population not lulled to sleep by cable teevee porno sports, cold-filtered beer, and the promise of a Lotto win.

You may remember Barbour's clueless an bizarre remarks earlier this year, which amounted to a defense of the right of persons of the Caucasian persuasion to organize as they see fit when dealing with the encroachment of Those Other People.

A Barbour presidency would have brought back the rustle of crinoline and a whiff of Magnolia to the White House, where Jeff Davis certainly would have put it had things gone as ol' Haley would have preferred.

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