Sunday, August 14, 2011

He's Got Nothin'

Morton's Fork

Morton's Fork: [English; More-tonnes Four-ck] A choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives (alt., a dilemma), or two lines of reasoning leading to the same unpleasant conclusion. Examples in common colloquialisms are "between a rock and a hard place," [American English] or "Between a cross and a sword" [Spanish and Portuguese].

In our current political situation, for American voters it's more a case of Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual (Those who can choose, suffer). I don't care who you are or what political party you feel 'aligned' with or maligned by -- they all seem either insane, or incompetent. There Are Almost No Adults In The Room.

The New York Times continues to report that the President continues to look at Doing Nothing as the method of solving America's bad situation.
Mr. Obama’s senior adviser, David Plouffe, and his chief of staff, William M. Daley, want him to maintain a pragmatic strategy of appealing to independent voters by advocating ideas that can pass Congress, even if they may not have much economic impact. These include free trade agreements and improved patent protections for inventors.
Calculated Risk noted in response, Tax incentives are the "bigger idea"? It sounds like the debate is between doing nothing and doing very little. If I arrived on the scene today - with a 9.1% unemployment rate and about 4.6 million homes with seriously delinquent mortgages or REO - I'd be arguing for an aggressive policy response.

Dude -- if "free trade agreements" and "improved patent protections for inventors" is the best you've got, then do all 320 million of us a favor and Quit Now.

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Leave the key under the mat, tell Vice-President Biden he has a new job, and go back to Chicago. You followed the Worst President in American history into the office, but you're well on your way to becoming the third worst, after (sadly) Herbert Hoover.

And the Rethugs are worse. The best they've got is New Austerity and Grover Norquist's bathtub, and Batshit crazy evangelicals. All of which is arguably worse.

Which brings us to the dilemma, our Morton's Fork as liberals and Democrats: President Obama cannot or will not lead, and cannot or will not do the right thing by the People of the United States. He does very well by perhaps five per cent of them, but not All The People.

If we vote for him in 2012, we get another term of the same -- caving in to the Rethugs; protecting the wealthy; and doing nothing to alleviate the crushing economic crisis we face.

If we withold our vote out of protest... we may end up with a Republican figurehead, who will promote the most rapacious, the worst, base and vile instincts humanity has to offer, just as "Lil' Boots" did in his decade of power.

And the chances are good that we would end up with an evangelical, an incompetent babbler; "dumber than a bag of hammers", who believes Submission To and Domination By their interpretation of belief is the absolute, guiding theme of human life.

They are, in fact, no better than the Taliban; they're just able to afford a better class of pickup truck.

Mein Gott; this is bad. But I'm only a Dog, and no one listens to me.

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