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Idiot Wind

They Got Nothin'

Crazy Lady Sings Hymns; Promises $2 Gas; Death To Unbelievers

Monsieur Le Gouverneur Placard: "He Just Looks Like A Leader"
Idiot wind
Blowing like a circle around my skull;
From the Grand Coulee Dam to the Capitol.
Idiot wind; blowing every time you move your teeth
You're an idiot, babe;
It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe

Bob Dylan, "Idiot Wind" (Blood On The Tracks, 1975)
It's been quite a week for the Dominionist christian wannabe-candidates, who (if chosen to run against Herr Obama) will complete the transformation of America's Republican Party into an organization dominated by Taliban evangelicals.

Even if Crazy Lady or Mssr. Le Gouverneur Placard lost the race, the GOP would be forced to face the Taliban on their terms: You used us to 'get Out The Vote' for the GOP for years; you said you'd institute the social agenda we want, but you lied. Now we're gonna run things. Get right with Jesus or join the fags and liberals in the camps when we finally take back this country for our god, you blasphemin' Northern types.

It will no longer be a party run by the Old Boys In Washington, as it has been since the turn of the last century. It will be run by Old Southern Boys from their megachurches.

Anyway, until That Great Day comes, we can watch the antics of Crazy Lady and Mssr. Le Gouverneur Placard, and despair: Every nation gets the leaders it deserves. I wouldn't feel this way, except we don't seem to have much by way of leadership at present; no one on the Left seems willing to stand up to these Lumpenhunde; the MSM is either dominated by Little Rupert, or frightened of its own shadow.

An example is Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times, appearing on Friday, August 19th, on PBS News Hour's spinoff, 'Washington Week'. Zeleny noted that Le Governour Perry had made his comments about Bernanke (and the next day, Zeleny claimed, "stayed on script" and took no press questions at all), but that voters in South Carolina (presumably, Republicans) "were saying, '[Perry] looks like a leader'. " And, Zeleny simply let the remark he reported hang there.

Zeleny didn't contrast his reported view of Perry as 'looking like a leader', against Perry's remarks about Global Warming, or his clear cheap shot at Obama's patriotism.

No one in the alleged Mainstream Media wants to criticize the Right for fear of appearing 'too partisan'. Fox/News Corp, and Right Wing Hate Radio, pump out lies and misinformation, 24 X 7; it's been documented and reported by those dirty hippie bloggers -- but no one in the MSM will recognize it... for fear of being labelled "partisan"?

So the obvious manipulations of the Right are allowed to go unchallenged, repeated again and again by the Wingnut Echo Chamber, and finally become accepted as 'fact'. Way to go, Jeffy.

All of this, taken together, might be a place to begin a discussion whether the Democrats and the Rethugs, and the Mainstream Media, are simply different parts of a machine that really serves a thin crust of wealth ... but, that's not a conversation anyone considers seriously in America. More's the Pity for that.
  • On Tuesday, August 16, Crazy Lady told a crowd in Spartanburg, S.C.:
    Before we get started, let's all say 'Happy Birthday' to Elvis Presley today. We played you a little bit of 'Promised Land' when we pulled up. You can't do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started to celebrating [the] 'Take Our Country Back' tour.
    As every true American knows, The King died on August 16th. Perhaps Crazy Lady is a foreign-type, and ain't our kind; but this is the same person who celebrated John Wayne Gacy rather than John Wayne, and continually treats facts as inconvenient -- 'Oh, everyone knew what I meant to say'. And you want this witless [redacted] as a Presidential candidate? Seriously?
  • On Sunday, August 14, Mssr. Le Gouverneur Placard said to a crowd in response to a question about the economy:
    If this guy [i.e. Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke] prints more money between now and the election, I don't know what y'all would do to him in Iowa -- we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. I mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous -- uh, treasonous; in my opinion.
  • A Bit Later, Le Gouverneur Placard walked away from another public appearance and was asked if President Obama 'loved his country'. "You'd have to ask him," said Mssr. Le Gouverneur with a smile.
  • On Wedensday, August 17, Le Gouverneur Placard was asked at yet another public appearance about assertions in his book, Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America From Washington, that deal with Global Warming, and responded:
    I do believe that the issue of global warming has been politicized. I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects. I think we're seeing it almost weekly or even daily, scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what is causing the climate to change.
  • On Wednesday, August 17, Crazy Lady told another crowd in South Carolina:
    "What people recognize is that there's a fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline. They see the rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our loss militarily going forward.
  • On Thursday, August 18, Crazy Lady told yet another crowd in South Carolina that "President Bachmann" would deliver gasoline at "2 dollars a gallon... It's going to happen."

    While gasoline was at a national average of $1.79 a gallon when Obama took office in January, 2009, Crazy Lady's remark would be nearly impossible to acheive. The world's shrinking petroleum reserves; even all the Drill, Baby, Drill that Senator Old Man and Crazy Moose Lady wanted to do couldn't keep pace with America's demand for oil; and, even if U.S. oil production soared, OPEC would cut back their own production and intervene in the markets to keep oil prices at the level they want to see. 'President' Crazy Lady would have little power to influence that.
  • On Thursday, August 18, Le Gouverneur Placard was speaking about job creation and the economy at a 'Politics and Eggs' breakfast in New Hampshire; after, Perry was approached by James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy for BankAmerica Corporation, who could be seen on a C-SPAN video offering Le Gouvernor his hand, saying, "Bank of America. We'll help you out".

    Bank of America spokesperson Lawrence Di Rita (formerly the press spokesman for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld) later issued this statement:
    Bank of America does not endorse Presidential candidates. The reference was about following up on the substance of the speech about job creation and economic growth. Discussing policy issues that affect our company and our customers is something we do with policymakers of both parties routinely at the local, state, and Federal levels.
Obligatory Cute Small Animal Photo In Middle Of Blog Rant

The responses to much of this were relatively swift. Fat Karl Rove, proud owner of a new, fourth chin, called Mssr. Le Governour Perry's remarkes about Fed Chair Bernanke "un-presidential". Ronald Reagan's former domestic policy adviser , Bruce Bartlett, (Saint Ronald The Dim! Everyone Genuflect!) said to CNN, Rick Perry's an idiot, and I don't think anyone would disagree with that.

At the same time, Bartlett remarked -- accurately -- about Obama that "He has had open seats on the Fed [since 2009, which are to be filled by Presidential appointment], and I think that this sends a signal that he just doesn't care very much about what the Fed does".

Given how Herr Obama has Fluffed the Banksters since taking office, it's little surprise that he hasn't made any appointments to the Federal Reserve board; and, any such appointments would meet with Rethug opposition in Congress, which would drain political resources and "detract" attention from the President's true agenda -- only, he'd have to have an actual agenda first, wouldn't he?

The media have duly reported all this, and my Dog nose tells me that as the Party Of Jesus continues its parade through America, there will be huge piles of something left in its wake. We can smell it already.

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