Sunday, August 7, 2011

Random Barking

As a nation, we've taken so much given the world so many things -- but most recently, we've provided a business model for real estate speculation and investment that has effectively pushed most industrialized nations into near-bankruptcy and forced their governments to lower the standards of living for their citizens.

We've also engaged in a foreign policy of intervention and warfare -- actually, since the end of the Second World War; but most recently since 2002 -- and support for various governments who have tortured and brutalized and impoverished their citizens or others in those countries. For almost half a century. (Other countries do this too, but on a much smaller and less technologically-adept scale).

But -- hey; we have the Flag, and LCD teevees, and big trucks and Hooters and beer and Jesus, and we love our Daddy even though he beat us every night. Don't ever forget that. Love the Flag. Love Jesus. Love Daddy.

And if a good number of people in the world are so deeply enraged with the behavior of our government -- which we don't seem to take very seriously -- that they either can't wait to see our economy implode, or can't wait to see some other murderous terrorist dickheads start attacking America... well, they're all just not right with god need Jesus and beer, a-and they're all just foreigners, anyway.

Just sayin'.