Monday, October 3, 2011

Deeply-Held Personal Beliefs

MEHR: Paul B. Farrell, investment analyst, isn't particularly liberal, but he has been saying since the mid-2000's that an unsustainable Housing Bubble and derivatives market would explode and sink the economy. He has also said since that bailing out the Banksters was a Bad Idea, and that our collective future is heading for Unknown Territory.
...Warning: to Wall Street CEOs, the Super Rich, the top 1% who think they own our government … the party’s over. No matter who gets elected in 2012 and 2016, the new Lost Decade 2011-2021 will make life miserable for the president and Congress, as with Japan earlier.

Worse, this Lost Decade will make life miserable for everybody: corporations, investors, consumers, workers, small businesses and all our families, with the kind of economic suffering experienced in the painfully long Great Depression era.

...Yes, big shock dead ahead. The class wars like Arab Spring are accelerating across America. “Occupy Wall Street” is going viral, spreading through “Occupy Together,” expanding in dozens of cities across America and the world, growing bigger — in commitment, in mission, in boldness — a resistance movement waging war against our democracy-killing Super Rich.

Next, expect many more class wars, regional rebellions, uprisings against the wealthy — yes, this is the second American Revolution.

Wake up folks: The myopic media is trapped in 2012 “campaign mode,” in a time warp delivering mind-numbing reality shows featuring the latest soap-opera sound bites about Mitt, Rick, Chris, Newt, Michele and their endless games.

Meanwhile, off-camera something big is happening, in the real world, a historic, cultural shift exploding all across America and the world. Something the media, bankers and politicians still can’t grasp.

Get it? The people have lost faith in voting. Not just lost faith in the markets and economy. The public no longer has faith in democracy. They know voting is irrelevant, nothing ever changes. They now know their world is being manipulated by a powerful cabal of wealthy special interests, corporate bosses, bankers, lobbyists and self-serving politicians.

Voters know they’re being played for suckers. The game is rigged. And they’ve also figured out that change will come only after a revolution, one they’re triggering.

Warning: This revolutionary spirit is spreading across the world’s youth, the unemployed, disenfranchised and disillusioned, voices who’ve lost faith in voting democracies.

This historic wave is summarized here from Nicholas Kulish’s provocative New York Times piece, Forget the Tea Party, the new class wars will force America to change, as they’re changing the Arab world.
The bizarre thing is, Farrell's piece appears... in Little Rupert's Wall Street Journal.