Saturday, October 15, 2011

Part Of The One Per Cent? Rich? Bored?

Once Only The Concern Of Porn Stars

If you're a woman, I'd like you to think, for just a moment, about the spectrum of challenges that the human species, male and female, currently faces -- ecological, economic; cultural and political. Think hard. Think about all the various requests for financial support that have moved you to give money this past year.

Now; instead of these concerns, think about focusing on this (as reported in the Guardian UK). Think about spending thousands of dollars and a significant amount of personal discomfort -- on buying a new vagina. Because someone (not you) thinks you should.
...This newish industry consists of doctors and their clients (clients, not patients, because these surgeries are cash-only elective procedures) who believe the female nether area can be improved upon or remediated. Procedures offered include labiaplasty (trimming or completely removing labia), vaginal rejuvenation (tightening), hymenoplasty ("revirgination") and clitoral "unhooding" – among others.

...Designer vagina surgery is big business: according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2009 female consumers spent an estimated $6.8m (£4.4m) on these procedures (the figure counts only plastic surgeons, not gynecologists). Its popularity is rising in the UK, too – in 2008, the NHS carried out 1,118 labiaplasty operations, an increase of 70% on the previous year. And figures released this year show that plastic surgery company the Harley Medical Group received more than 5,000 inquiries about cosmetic gynecology in 2010, 65% of them for labial reduction, the rest for tightening and reshaping.

You Must Work Hard To Keep Your Man; What Else Is There?

...In the US, cosmetic gynecology may have the official sanction of reality TV (doctors have performed it on the wildly popular plastic surgery makeover show "Dr. 90210") but the same cannot be said of the peer organizations.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) deems such procedures medically unnecessary, possibly unsafe, and is "concerned with the ethical issues"; while the accrediting body, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG), refuses to recognize cosmetic [gynecology] as a legitimate sub-speciality.

This means no entry barriers for the physicians, as there are no board-certification requirements. Consumers may not realize that it's a bit of a wild west out there, with doctors working out the kinks, as it were, as they go.

Try and save the Polar Bears; work to rein in Wall Street. Send your money to Progressive politicians -- or, have your already perfect privates remade in an image dreamt up by obese right-wing polticos or producers of fuck movies (there's little difference between the two; trust me), or Type-A, "I'm A Job-Creator" husbands who will leave you for Trophy Wife No. 2 anyway.

Your choice.

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