Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pay Attention

Just The Beginning


Carl Franzen at TPM reports:
New York police officers arrested at least 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters late Saturday afternoon, including a freelance reporter for the New York Times, for straying off the sidewalk and onto the roadway in the midst of a march on Brooklyn Bridge. Most were released early Sunday morning after being issued citations for disorderly conduct and court summons, the BBC reports.

...These and other sympathetic reports from The [UK] Guardian ... indicate the protesters’ efforts to penetrate what they had deemed to be a mainstream “media blackout” on their activities appears to be working. In some ways, the protest has become as much a media war as it has a physical occupation.

The MSM (forget the Little Rupert portion of it; nothing mainstream about that)'s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests initially tried to relegate it to "Youth Running Wild", interrupting the grown-ups whose job it is to push money around, Downtown in Manhattan. Nothing really to see here; move along America. How about another Fox entertainment, huh?

Occupy Wall Street has been going on for nearly three weeks. And it's interesting that the best reporting of events surrounding it have come from the BBC and Guardian UK.

It doesn't show any sign of slowing down; if anything, it's continuing, and increasing in size. There were (according to estimates by the New York Times) originally about 3,500 people -- now, estimates place the protestors camping near Wall Street at nearly 7,000.

They arrived to show their anger and incredulity at the difference between What America Claims To Be, Ronald Reagan's "Shining City On A Hill"; and the results of a decade of being raped by the Right Wing, while Liberals in Congress did little or nothing. They have stayed at Wall Street to become organized, and to organize, and their numbers are growing. That alone should tell someone in the Power Structure, somewhere, something.

To point out the obvious, the Occupy Wall Street action is a manifestation of two things: One, The utter failure of Business-As-Usual politics, its defense of the top one per cent of the population at the expense of the other 99% ... and, Two, it's finally a response by The People -- mostly young people, unemployed and underemployed people; now Union people -- to the difference between The Bright, Shining Lie, and the truth we live every day in our own lives.

Some people interviewed (by that same MSM that only wants to see the protests as a funny little political aberration by people too young to know better) have said they were inspired by events in Tahrir Square and the 'Arab Spring'.

And there's a hope that, as in Madison, Wisconsin, this past Spring, People will begin to stand up for the Truth. Not some Tea Partei garbage manufactured by a bunch of millionaire, right-wing political 'consultants' and backed by miscreants like the Brothers Koch -- but, just maybe, the beginnings of a real American Revolution; "A New Turn", as Jefferson once described it.

The MSM wants everything to be wrapped up before 60 Minutes and 'The Factor' and Monday Night Football go on the air, with plenty of time for commercials. They don't really give a damn if the United States Of America becomes a land of Lords, and Serfs. Too many politicians on all sides seem willing to allow that to happen -- those that aren't actively pushing the country that way. And most of the people in America seem too frightened to do very much.

Except for several thousand people in Manhattan. I believe they're standing out there for millions of us, and for me; and I'm sorry I'm not with them.