Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nur In Amerika

Wir Einen Neues Blog-Kategorie Eröffnen!

Sie wussten, dass wir in Amerika verrückt haben (you knew we were nuts over here), but we finally made a decision to highlight it in the same manner as major media outlets the world over. Warum nicht? Es gibt so viel davon.

CNN-Site (Klicken Für Grosser Graphik -- Leicht Und Spaß!)

For example, a focus of CNN's website is in highlighting an endless parade of videos and short articles on wacky mix-ups, and mall shootings, and that special brand of religiously-fueled intolerance which America specializes in. Their business model is based on a little titillation, a little news, and a little That's Amazing, America! videos of cute puppies and babies and kids beating the crap out of each other at school.

Little Rupert's 'News' - Note: As Herman Cain Disappears, Huckabee Quietly Reappears (Klicken Für Ein Grosser Graphik Zu Sehen -- Leicht Und Spaß!)

Little Rupert's Fox 'news' does the same thing, except they add a definite fascisimus right-wing twist. Where CNN presents the Crazy as part of the passing show, Little Rupert's Fox defends the xtian religious and Tea Partei babblers and Austerity economists because that's what their business model is based on -- that, and defending the bullies in videos where kids are beating the crap out of each other at school.

The Right-Wing scramble to find a candidate to run against Barack Obama in 2012 goes on -- often called "The Murdoch Primary", as the support of Little Rupert's NewsCorp (the media mouthpiece for the Right in Europe and America) tends to be one of the key factors in which candidate climbs to the top of the swine herd.

Today, Herman Cain's candidacy completed its self-destruction as Herm announced in Atlanta that his campaign was "suspended". Almost immediately, Little Rupert's Fox started mentioning the xtian fundamentalist ex-governor, Mike Huckabee (see the image above).

I would guess that means Newt Gingrich hasn't understood Little Rupert's Personal Fat Boy Fox 'news' editor Roger Ailes when he said Götz von Berlichingen [Our English-speaking readers can use a search engine to catch up]. Once Newt has puckered up, perhaps Little Rupert will give him a bit of favorable coverage.

In any event, we'll be turning this cyberforum into arenas of terror and shame for the superintelligent Parakeet and all three of our European viewers, via updates on the massive fun and merry mix-ups that come with life in Amerika. Viel Spaß Für Dich -- because you are there, and don't have to experience it here.

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