Tuesday, January 31, 2012


'My Plan Maintains Our Dignity'

Ethel -- That Thing's Standing Out On The Wing Again. And He Keeps
Looking At Us. (Courtesy of this little Tumblr thing, "Newt Judges You")

Today is Florida's Rethuglican primary, pitting Randyman™ against One Of America's Richest Politicians © -- and followed, of course, by the Harold Stassen (What? Oh, for pete's sake; look it up) of the Rethug world, Ron Paul, who will be handing out little black plastic UN helicopters to supporters -- which, due to his sensitivities around issues of race, Ron will refer to as "ebony".

Mitzy Thrills The Crowd With His "I Can Beat Obama" Face, Borrowed
From The 'Judge Doom' Character In "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

And, all America™ is thrilled by the level of campaigning shown by the Rethug front-runners -- a sex addict, and a stiff, utterly clueless Wealthy Person.

Randyman is widely expected to have been outspent by America's Richest Politician ©, and Florida is sinking under the sheer weight of rhetoric showing Newt to be a Randyman, flip-flopping liberal crazy person who shot a man in Dallas just to watch him say, "Better watch what you do with that squirt gun, mister". Mitzy, on the other hand is saying I Am One Of You!! You Are One Of Mine!! I Paid For You -- I Own Youuuuu!! over and over, until led away by his handlers.

How many days is it until Iran gets attacked? And who in the name of anything held sacred in human history names their child "Newt"?

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