Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Think Of The Lobster

And They Are Where?

So I'm sitting around, waiting for The Girl to call, and already know the answer to the "Are we going to war with Iran?" question (Why? Because Your Elders 'n Betters are in fact that stupid, that's why), and the "Why does Lard Boy Hate Wimmins?" query (Man, that one's easy).

That's all bye the bye, boyo. What bothers me is: Where is Giblets? Where is Fafnir? What about the grilled cheese sandwich?

What About The Medium Lobster????

Just Sayin'.

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  1. At times like these, when I too wonder about The Medium Lobster, I comfort myself by recalling the Harvard Law of Behavior, apocryphally attributed to B.F. Skinner of operant conditioning fame:

    "Under carefully controlled experimental conditions, the organism does what it damn well pleases."

    Despite the fact that 'mistah charley' is not my real name, 'ph.d.' is my real degree. I say this not to assert that I am an 'expert', but rather to indicate that I am the type of person who would choose to spend a significant chunk of my lifespan in the metaphorical 'groves of academe'. To slightly adapt a line from the Doors song 'Strange Days', "Hear me talk of Harvard Laws of Behavior and you know this is it".

    To be more specific about how I am comforted, even though I do miss Fafblog, I rejoice in the assumption that the mind behind the Fafbloggian sensibility, so good at black humor of the blog noir type, is turning its attention to those things which matter to it. Even if it is not producing entertainment and opportunities for cracking wise for a certain small group of people, it is living the life which comes to and through it. Or, if it is not doing anything at all that we can perceive, this is due to external circumstances that have Their Reasons.

    Recently I have purchased Usula K. Le Guin's translation of the Tao Te Ching, although I have not yet listened to the CD included, in which she reads it aloud with original music composed and performed by Todd Barton. Maybe later.


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