Friday, March 30, 2012

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If I See One More Picture Of 'Fat Tony' Scalia, I'll Throw Up In A Bucket

We're in amazingly deep water, now; it's getting hotter -- and all the frogs around us keep looking at each other, exchanging glances (Hey, if this gets much hotter, we're cooked). Balloon Juice:
Burn Down The Mission
By DougJ, Head of Infidelity
March 29th, 2012

If SCOTUS voids the ACA, (I agree with John that they’re reasonably like to) there’s going to be a lot of talk about how liberals need to moderate their attacks on the court for the sake of the sanctity of our institutions, how even the liberal Joe Nocera and Kevin Drum agree that all the problems started when Bork was Borked and so on.

Fuck that.

If Republican judges void ACA, liberals need to launch an all-out assault all the credibility of the Roberts courts (I have to think more about this). It can’t always be liberals need to bend over and take it to keep our society from unraveling. It already is unraveling anyway.
And, John Cole notes (paragraphing added for emphasis):
News flash: Right wing hacks tend to act like right wing hacks. We’re talking about a conservative bloc [on the SCOTUS] whose wives openly work for tea party groups, we’re talking about hacks that speak privately to the tea party. We’re talking about people who lie on their disclosure forms for decades to cover up the money their wives are receiving from wingnut welfare organizations.

Every one of these men was a member of the Federalist Society. Every single one of them was groomed for exactly what they are doing right now. This is their time to shine, to do what they have been groomed to do.

When you train soldiers to fight, and drill their mission into them every day, and drill the rightness and correctness of their mission into them every day, and assure them they are fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, only a fool would be surprised that they are eager to go into combat.
And, over at The Great Curmudgeon, a guest poster reminds us that we've been here before:

Bush v Gore.

by Jay Ackroyd at 00:53
Any questions?

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