Friday, April 13, 2012

Dog Dog Dog Dog

Friday The 13th

All kinds of stuff out there give me the sense that all is not well.

However, I recommend going and looking at this courtesy of "Sad And Useless", a site whose owner uses a photo of David McCollum (in his appearance on the second season of The Outer Limits in the mid-60's) as his little avatar.

And you thought we wouldn't notice. We are a smarter species than you realize. Anyway, given the pervading sense of doom I'm feeling, I needed the laugh.

MEHR: My friend at the Place Of Witless Labor™, El Rog The Magnificent, walked up to me with a grim expression. "Heard the news?" I allowed that I had not, but it didn't look good. "Two fully-loaded 747's just collided over Warsaw."

"Oh, my God; that's -- how could that have happened?" I said.

"Dunno." El Rog shook his head. "One 747 carries about six hundred people -- want to hear the ironic thing? They both crashed into a cemetery."

"Oh, Criminey."

"Yeah." El Rog nodded, then looked at me. "So far, the Poles have recovered over fourteen thousand bodies," he said, and smiled a little as he walked away, leaving me with the understanding that I'd just been Had.

"It's still Friday the 13th, you know," I said to him.

"All day. You're expecting something bad to happen," El Rog said. "It will -- just not today."

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