Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Cannot Be Repeated Enough

Little Rupert, 5 Years Old, Testifies (Again) In Merrie Olde Anguland

I've said it before: If you want to bite into what Little Rupert has to sell, fine.

Just don't blame anyone but yourself if it tastes like you're sucking Joseph Goebbels' underwear.

Und: I've said before:
Rupert pumps sewage on his customers because he doesn't have a high regard for human beings, generally -- I've always assumed that you lie to or steal from people you don't respect. Little Rupert must hold humanity in utter contempt, since all his media provides is a formulaic, lowest-common-denominator style of entertainment. No truth at all; no accuracy, and no information that isn't right-wing propaganda.

And when you hold your customers (i.e., other people) in contempt, Rupert, you scumbag -- like you, the people who pump that sewage believe they can do whatever they want in pursuit of your goals. You set the example for them to follow. They did what they did because you rewarded them for doing so then and continue to do so, now.

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