Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Barking; Greg Williams NFL Edition


It takes a special kind of person to (1) Organize a pay-for-injury system with their little NFL team, including targeting the previous injuries of specific players; and then (2) Plan to appeal the NFL Board's decision to suspend them for a year for inciting and directing in such activities.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but these people need to be suspended from the game for life. They should be made to pump gas at a CitGo or work on the back of waste management truck. They offered $1,500 to hit some players, to produce injuries that could end a player's career? That's like saying, "This player's career is only worth fifteen hundred dollars."

Professional football has always been a physical contest, and for professional athletes the risk of injury is always present. People in high-risk occupations accept that as part of the job. But, consider -- you're a player with potential, who's struggled and made your way on to a national team. You're supporting a wife, children, a mother, and other relatives. You have a chance to earn more during your professional career than ten regular men will in their lifetimes -- and you're there by the grace of God, by luck and chance and fate.

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Then, suddenly, you're hit in a game, and your career is sidelined, or worse, over. But you consider that it was just the breaks, man; it was fate, chance. Things just happen. And then you find out it wasn't like that : Your career, your ability to provide for others, is over because you were targeted. It wasn't fate that took you out, it wasn't just 'the breaks'.

If I were one of those targeted players, I'd be consulting with counsel and filing a civil action. If I were a DA, I'd be wondering about filing conspiracy charges. And frankly, if I were one of the stupid scumbags individuals who perpetrated this weasel scheme, I'd be less concerned about my future with the NFL, and more concerned that the players injured at their direction might have a few unstable family members who are upset about what occurred.

As a friend of mine once observed, you can do anything in this life you want; absolutely anything -- so long as you understand that you have to pull the freight behind the actions you take or the decisions you make.

MEHR: It's been pointed out that Big Greg Williams was suspended from the NFL indefinitely, where Mr. Peyton was given a one-year suspension. I still say ban these morally bankrupt individuals for life. Period.

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