Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan

Be Very Very F'ing Afraid

The Candidates In Tampa: Mitzy (L) Getting SuperPAC Donations;
Little Paul Ryan (R) Looks For Austerity From The American People


  1. I'm confused!
    Which one is which?

  2. I have updated the caption, for you and all Humankind. And other Dogs.

  3. This blog's responsiveness to feedback and openness to improvement makes it exceptional among the blots I currently comment on (although Jonathan Schwarz at A Tiny Revolution is good on this too).

  4. at last (after reading about your personal encounter with alan furst) i understand the context of your "thank you; that's very kind' remark - bless your soul, as some might say

    1. Well, I meant it in a funny way! Certainly not with the soto voce insult which Furst put on his comment. So don't sic the Lobster on me.

      He's a talented curmudgeon; I'm only a curmudgeonly Dog and try to use humor where he uses sarcasm.


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