Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver For President

Little Paul Ryan, Five Years Old

Mitzy chooses someone to save him. And The Krug Man weighs in on Little Paul's Austerity Plan, insofar as the DizneyChannel News will allow him.

Because as America has its version of the Taliban, so we have our versions of Europe's Die Eisenkanzellerin Angela and "We Must Have More Austerity" Osborne. And, at the head of that pack of fools is Paul Ryan.
[Ryan said to John Huntsman during the GOP prmaries] “This is, by all accounts, an age of austerity for this country. A jobs crisis. Also a pending crisis in Washington. I wonder what specifically you would do to say to Americans, "These are cuts I'm going to make in federal spending that cause pain, that will require sacrifice?"

Later he asked [Huntsman]:

“Governor Huntsman, name three areas where Americans will feel real pain in order to balance the budget?”

He asked a third time:

“Three programs that will make Americans feel pain, sir?”

Later he asked Rick Santorum:

“Senator Santorum, same question: [Name] Three programs that would have to be cut to make Americans feel pain, to sacrifice, if we're going to balance the budget.”
If America elects Mitzy and The Prince Of Pain (or, if the Rethugs pull another Fat Karl's Ohio and steal the election), we deserve everything about the Feudalistic, grey and Oligarch-ridden future we will get.

The only problem is, I don't see the Democratic party as being any less Bought by The Masters Of The Universe™. They're just more willing to maintain the polite fiction that everyone else on the planet is every bit as good as the ten thousand or so persons whose wealth and influence rules the Earth.

The Rethugs want to take your money and give much of it to the 1%; curb-stomp you because they enjoy it; then rub your face in the mud and bellow out a cry of 'victory' because Life is for Teh Strong, don'cha know.

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