Tuesday, October 9, 2012

May They Put You Into General Population, Jerry

Jerry Sandusky, the soul of innocence, was sentenced to no less than 30, and no more than 60, years in a Pennsylvania State prison today on forty-five counts of child molestation.

Jerry, when asked the standard question by any Judge in such a hearing ("Do you have anything to say before sentence is passed upon you?"), swore to the court and the Saints and the Virgin that he didn't do anything and was innocent.

Yeah Right Okay; Jerry will spend his time in 'Segregation', separated from the rest of the prison's General Population --  meaning until they pull him into a prison hospital ward to die, he will spend most of every day locked in his cell. Because pederasts in prison have a target painted on them in neon letters, ten miles high:  

Well, we can dream. Auf Nicht Wiedersehen, Jerry, you predatory, soul-destroying piece of trash.


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