Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wishing The Good

Good For You; Nice For You; And Small Childs Also

Wishing  Moldavish Guy the Good Hanukkah, and the Small Child01 and Small Child02, and Spouse who wishes to kill me.

And he is also having Birthday -- for which I called to him and making congratulations but never called him back. About this I have a specific amount of shame.

Great-Uncle Yehudi was also not impressed by this, but had just been hit with phone book and this is time when he is not always sure about what year we are in. But still, we love him.

I, Rabschinsky, say this  -- to Moldavish Guy; you also. 



  1. Roberto Assagioli wrote:

    There is in the universe, however we may conceive it, a great law of harmony, of equilibrium, of compensation; every action produces a re-action, and every violation of harmony and equilibrium rebounds, like a boomerang, against the transgressor. It is necessary, therefore, to curb our rebellions and learn to live in harmony and in tune with life. Just as the will has the power to develop itself and to control and direct the other psychological energies, so it has also the power to control and discipline itself, to confine itself within limits, to co-operate harmoniously with a group of other wills, to adhere and to subordinate itself to universal values, freely recognized and accepted.

    This is the "will-to-good", and it is different from "goodwill". In "goodwill" the emphasis is on goodness. It is a benevolent attitude and disposition towards others. Goodwill is the prerequisite of understanding, the means of solving human problems; it brings about right relations; it expresses itself in co-operation; it has been called "the active principle of peace". In the will-to-good the emphasis is on the will. It is a strong determination to make the good triumph; therefore it is positive, active, dynamic. It is—-in the measure in which a human being can recognize and manifest it-—an expression of the Will of the Whole, of the Divine Will.

  2. I. Rabschinsky responds: "Great-Uncle Yehudi says, 'My grandfather was having said exactly this, but with small difference. He said, "Don't be that guy -- be Guy.". "

  3. May Yehudi and all his relations have a Good Hanukkah.

    See also

  4. Moldavish Guy says Spasibo!


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