Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Entertaining Rubbish, Me

We Are Part Of The 99 Per Cent (Which Suck)

Robert Cottrell -- educated; measured; British -- is writing for the online version of the London Financial Times, and he believes that there is so much wonderful content written by the elite, for the elites of the world to read. Oh, and discerning and intelligent people, 'the best sort', too. Specialized content; information and analysis to please the palettes of the educated and the oh-so-cognoscenti is available on line, 24 by 7.  Like little treats, for those who know, don't you know. You don't? O too sad.

That sublime layer constitutes one per cent of the Intertubes, in Mr. Cottrell's view.  Another 4 per cent, in his view, is "entertaining rubbish". The remaining 95 per cent "has no redeeming features".

Where, one might ask, would many of the blogs I read fit in Mr. Cottrell's perceived universe of taste and value? And I'll simply note the unasked question (Who the hell is Robert Cottrell, and why does anyone besides his family give a toss for his opinion, anyway?).

Also, I leave it to you to determine where Before Nine fits into the scheme of things as determined by yet another fine specimen of Homo Britannicus:  God Bless The Queen, and all who are on sale in her.


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