Monday, April 28, 2014

Chernobyl Fun Park Opens

William Daniels - © New York Times
Not to be outdone by the Japanese, Sad Vlad The Putin and Russia's slightly lesser oligarchs have created a new family-themed fun park at the site of what (until March 11, 2011) was the worst nuclear disaster on the planet -- Chernobyl.

With bright colors, snappy architecture, a mutant wildlife petting zoo and theme restaurants, "It will rival the Dizni Walter place," said Ergun Tismevonasky of the Greater Chernboyl Lead-Lined Chamber of Commerce. "I am never believing what they say. Chernobyl is like park. Bring the children you can spare."

Admission for the first fifty thousand visitors is free, but you will have to purchase transportation and radiation gear, and bear costs of disposal of your irradiated body.

Click On Image To Enlarge; Easy! Fun! And Less Than 50 Rads/Hr.!

Certainly appears to be a DizniWorld sort of construction, doesn't it? As reported in the Sunday New York Times, Chernobyl was caused by a string of human errors culminating in an explosion, a breach of containment, and fires which spread radioactive particles across the (then) southern Soviet Union and later the planet.  Fukushima was the result of a natural disaster which exposed a string of human errors -- specifically those committed (and continue to be) by Japan's nuclear conglomerate, Tepco.

Before Chernobyl, before Fukushima, the possibility that a serious, uh, "incident" could happen at a sizable nuclear facility which lost power to its critical systems as a result of a serious natural disaster or an, uh, "dislocation" in the social order, is fair to good.

I continue to be stunned that anyone believes reactor-based power generation is safe -- but I'm just a Dog and nobody listens to me.


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