Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Downton Abbey Season Five?

Downtown Abby Alien Nation

Too Polite To Point Out That The "Little Gentleman", Uh, Isn't
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Downton Abbey has been the latest popular British television series to provide America with yet more proof that our own network teevee productions are Offal awful by comparison.

If what passes for culture on U.S. television were compared with an infomercial, the infomercial might win; it's a real possibility.  But Downton (shown here on Public Broadcasting as it is on BBC in the UK) is compelling on many levels: the obvious soap opera; the human drama of the Upstairs family, Downstairs employees; and the individual characters, living through (so far) 1912 - 1924, a rapidly changing world.

Many television dramas  have a decent crew, lighting and set designers, costumers; even passable writers -- but if the program's cast doesn't have that je ne sais quoi, it may not last more than a couple of seasons. Clearly not so with Downton -- what makes the show is not only an excellent crew, but the strength of its casting.

Season Five: What's Cookin'
But could Downton build on that in its fifth season? Say, an utterly unexpected casting choice that could kick its viewer share into the stratosphere? Let's get crazy 'n creative -- put Paul The Alien in there !

If they'd done that as far back as Season One, I'll bet things would have gotten interesting...


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