Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Possible Exceptionally Bad Things

Fears of an Ebola outbreak in the United States hit home Tuesday as health officials announced that a patient at a Sacramento hospital was being tested for the virus that has killed an estimated 1,200 people in west Africa.

It will take several days to get the results and to determine whether the patient, who may have been exposed to Ebola, has the virus, according to a statement from the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services.
...“While the risk is low, state and local public health officials in California are monitoring the situation closely and taking steps to keep Californians safe,” Chapman said, adding that if Ebola cases emerge in the United States, they would still pose little threat to the larger public.

“Our advanced health care system has appropriate protocols in place to prevent the spread of this often deadly disease,” he said.  [Sacramento Bee]
He said that. Yes he did.
 MEHR, MIT AUSGEZEICHNET: Und Einen Kleinen Rhumba Tanzen !!

The patient's blood test results were returned from the CDC -- negative for Ebola, but positive for Glaubner's Disease, which leaves its sufferers with weight gain, disfigurement, an urge to Make Time with girls, cross-dressing, and dancing with pom-poms.

Everyone will now please to dance the Rhumba.


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