Friday, October 24, 2014

New York New York

New Ebola Patient Appears In Manhattan

 Amazingly Fat Congress Man Explains Things To Us

Again, it should surprise no one that a Doctors Without Borders physician -- one of the people putting themselves at risk to contain the outbreak in west Africa -- returned home a week ago, and has presented with symptoms of Ebola.

One of the CDC guidelines for those who may have been exposed to the virus is to take their temperature twice a day and report the results. Yesterday morning, the doctor reported his temp at 100.3 F (not 103, as the media had first reported), and has been isolated in a hospital setting along with three others who had close contact with him since his return.

The office of New Yourk's Civil Preparedness spokesperson Deborah Biddle Stevens has advised the city has a contingency plan should the contagion spread, "And all those tacky sick persons spoil things for people who really matter", or if those perishing rise from the dead and run for Congress or other public office.


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