Saturday, October 4, 2014

We Are Saved

Everything's Gonna Be All Right. More Or Less.

Frequently, I'm accused by the three people who read this blog of cynical, abiding and excessive negativity (The Superintelligent Parakeet won't comment; he just blinks, very slowly; and Mista Charlie, Phd., hasn't yet weighed in). But, hey -- there's a good bit of "Looks like it's all gone to hell in a plastic shrinkwrap" out there just now.

Then comes news of a New Paradigim event which changes everything we know. A new day dawns. Perspectives shift; hope returns, and we believe all will be well because of it. At least, if you're an exceptionally wealthy, pudgy white male.

The Guardian UK tells us all about it: And it's Made In USA, home of Viagra, "Lil' Boots" Bush, Gouvenour Le Placard Perry from the Nation state of Texas ("Our healthcare system is takin' care of it,") and the BSD's of Wall Street.

To paraphrase Mary Ellen Mastrantonio's character in James Cameron's The Abyss: "With everything that's going on in the world -- you people focus on a penis transplant???"



  1. "All will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well."
    according to Julian of Norwich

    for more details, see Mirabai Starr's article on the radical optimism of this medieval English anchoress

    and if not, as the monty python's pointed out in their song urging us to always look on the bright side of life, and death - you come from nothing, you go to nothing - so what have you lost? nothing!

    1. please excuse minor punctuation error in previous comment - i know better, i just don't think it's worth the trouble to delete and repost

      i also considered, but decided against, adding in a link to the bokononist funeral rite from kurt vonnegut's novel cat's cradle - an isolated bit of cheer in a book that will, in general, harsh one's mellow

      and last week i read and viewed roz chast's memoir of the last years of her parents, can't we talk about something more pleasant? - enjoy yourself, it may well be later than you think, to summarize it very briefly

      none of which diminishes our good fortune in being afforded a human incarnation, in which we can accumulate karmic merit

      may we allow ourselves to be guided through the night with the light from above - metaphorically speaking - by the creative forces of the universe

    2. Oh, yeah. I'm positive I've told this story already -- the stand-up comedian who, listening to the man sitting next to him on a jet in flight (the man complaining that he's lost internet connectivity on his laptop), considers this and then tells his fellow passenger that they and everyone around them are 25,000 feet off the ground, hurtling through the air at 400+ miles an hour, and he's using a device which can do things that would get him burned at the stake not even five hundred years ago, and it's only as large and heavy as a thick magazine. "Get a grip!"

      My point being that, not only have we lost nothing, it is, on occasion, one hell of a ride.


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