Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reprint Heaven: The Droids You're Looking For, Not

A Brief Business Analysis Of Episode Four

(From November, 2011. Because it is funny, and you all seem to like it so.)

You realize, of course, that the entire Rebellion could have been stopped in its tracks if one checkpoint at Mos Eisley had been on its toes.

Large organizations can operate using top-down management structures, but risk increases as functional groups become silos that are a handicap towards reaching organizational goals -- and at the worst times, leading to extreme, 'Black Swan'-style failures, as demonstrated here.

Plus, one result of this Epic Fail was that we were condemned to sit through Episodes 1 through 3.

And at some point, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away... In managing resources, there have to be clearly delineated and documentable disciplinary processes -- generally beginning with a verbal warning; written warning; and finally a Performance Action Plan, where the areas of concern and specific performance benchmarks for the employee are clearly defined, is issued.

If the employee can't meet these benchmarks, they are terminated from Imperial service and end up working for Pizza The Hutt.


  1. love it

    true quasi-synchronicity - the last time i ate at pizza hut (in the last couple of decades) was on a pilgrimage to punxatawney, pennsylvania - it was not groundhog day when i was there, but it is today

    1. News footage this evening where the mayor of an Eastern city (NOT Puxatawney PA), at ceremonies honoring Groundhog Day, stood holding a Groundhog while talking into a microphone when the GH stretched out and bit the mayor on the ear.

      As Mr. Murray said to a Groundhog, in the movie of the same name, while headed for a cliff-edge in a car, "Don't drive angry; don't drive angry".

  2. speaking of medium-sized mammals in movies, an illegally enhanced talking raccoon is one of the title characters in the very enjoyable guardians of the galaxy which missus charley and self recently saw on dvd

    1. Yes. As a much younger Dog, I'd been on camping trips where, after some, uh, 'additives', *all* of the reality in the immediate vicinity seemed 'enhanced', and every single Raccoon we encountered could talk.

      You'd think that was astounding, but they had a limited set of interests and weren't that good at conversation.


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