Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Everything But The Headline

Trumpola !

The Republican party continues its descent: In a Reuters / Ipsos poll, 31 per cent of Republicans believe Donny is "the Republican candidate most trusted to manage the economy, deal with foreign leaders and serve as commander in chief."

And, more Republicans "would trust him with the nation’s nuclear weapons than most of the rest of their party's presidential primary field."  When asked, these same Republicans believed Elvis may have faked his own death, and that the Occupy! movement was financed by Commie Red Chinese Island-Building Oligarchs. 

"We need someone like Trump to stand up to the Chinese," said Bigelda Hure of Steeltown, Ohio. "It's time to kick butt. We need more narcissistic, sociopathic brinksmanship in our foreign policy. We need leaders who will continue to impoverish the vast majority of Americans for the benefit of 'The Owners'. That's what will make America great again. That, and more megamergers."

Meanwhile, Jebby ! attempted to reignite his flailing campaign. Standing in front of several people and a Superintelligent Parakeet at the parking lot of a Foodway in Tampa, Younger Bush waved away the advice of his critics. "I can't be someone I'm not," he said. "Chang The Mystic Warrior told me to say that." The Parakeet narrowed its eyes at Younger Bush, a sure sign that all is not well and will not be well.
Superintelligent Parakeet: Cute, But Don't Waste His Time. Ever.


  1. This Trump was made to keep us free

    Gene Mannacio has written the following satire of the Woody Guthrie song:

    This land is my land
    It isn’t your land
    You crossed the border
    With no court order

    Your reasons flimsy
    And with my whimsy
    This law is made to deport you.

    We want no strangers
    That’s why the Rangers
    Patrol The border
    To keep good order

    And with a fence, tall
    We’ll keep ‘em out, all
    This land was made for me and me.

    You may have fled war
    Or just want much more
    Don’t give me no bull
    This countries too full

    Get outa this place
    I can’t stand your face
    This land is made for me and me.

    We’ve let too many
    Come in already
    And some give birth here
    They are our worst fear

    Their children can stay
    Don’t care what we say
    This constitution must be changed!

    Please send them home now
    I just don’t care how
    There is a man who
    Will tell you how to

    When our kind’s voting
    We’ll all be gloating
    This Trump was made to keep us free.

    Free of Immigrants, that is! (spoken)


  2. Yes; Trump: America's future. Or Hillary! Or, Doktor Ron, of the church of Jesus Told Me To Punish You!

    This is it? This is the best we've got? Does anyone understand how far we've had to devolve, politically, to allow this to happen?

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    1. i suspect that weasel's hairdresser helps restore its "natural" color


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