Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Random Barking: Turkey Day

Sad Vlad Eyes The Menu

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  1. i see Rootiers also has an article about Trump

    i was thinking about Trump just recently - it turns out that a niece-in-law has just married a Trump fan (i know this from his Facebook page, not from personal conversation, thankfully)

    and a college friend and i were recently discussing the Gospel of Thomas

    it all comes together like this:

    logion 7 of the gospel of thomas

    Yeshua said:

    Fortunate is the lion eaten by a human,
    for lion becomes human.
    Unfortunate is the human eaten by a lion,
    for human becomes lion.

    [Jean-Yves Leloup translation from the Coptic, from Leloup's French into English by Joseph Rowe]

    4b) in his commentary, Leloup gives both a psychoanalytic and a gnostic interpretation - if the lion stands for the libido, then "eating" it "means taming and mastering it so that it becomes humanized and ultimately transformed into a force of love" - whereas being eaten - manipulated - by it refers to being a slave to one's passions

    4c) from a gnostic perspective, "the lion is more the ego or mental activity that stalks us, devouring our attention and our true identity, which is the Self. Fortunate is the 'little me' integrated into the Self, for it has found its true place. Unfortunate is the person so devoured by ego...that he forgets the Self. Then human becomes lion (egocentric): the ego-persona co-opts and devours everything in sight."

    [quotes from The Gospel of Thomas: The Gnostic Wisdom of Jesus, Jean-Yves Leloup.]

    reading this over, i was reminded that Trump has a somewhat leonine appearance


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