Saturday, December 19, 2015

Master Debating

We Inter eee eeee uuurrrrp

Hill  uurrrp  -- And The Force Be Wi wi wi    eewww

Watching the Debate Democratique live from the New Hampshire. Sadly, I have digitation issues, and 98% of the debate has been frozen or interrupted, pixilated images of Hillary !, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and that other guy.  I'm fairly sure I haven't missed much.

Trumpolina was mentioned as the nightmare Rethuglican to become Prestodent. Okay; show of hands: does anyone feel that it truly matters who sits in the Obol Office and claims the Tub Of Slaw™ ? Anybody ? And, one comment I heard from Sen. Sanders clearly -- that over the past decade, $5 Trillion US in wealth has been transferred, from 99.99% of the United States' population, to the top 0.01 percent of it -- and that anything less than reversing that trend was to sell out the birthright of being an American.

I'm also sure that Mrs. Clinton hasn't mentioned that in 1999, her husband made it possible to realize a 65-year-old masturbatory fantasy of right-wing financiers -- the castration of the Glass-Stegal Act. This was one of the principal factors which made the Crash of 2007-2008 possible; ex-Pestident Clinton claims conservatives made him do it.  Thanks, Bill-o!