Monday, December 14, 2015

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The Fire Next Time: Obligatory Cute Animal Graphic
A few points about the Climate agreement and things Paris:  (1) It's a set of guidelines with no penalty for low- or non-performance. As an example, "Rich" nations are  'encouraged'  to collectively give "at least" $100 Billion US per year to "Poor" nations to help them in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But if they don't  -- or, the Banksters create yet another global financial meltdown and governments can't offer assistance -- well, gosh; it's not as if anyone were being held accountable.   (2) Even UN Secretary-General Ban Ky Moon said the agreement doesn't go far enough to curb emissions.  (3) The energy alternatives being stressed for "Poor" countries in the immediate future are natural gas and (cough cough) nuklar energy.  (4) Marie LePen is a fat, proto-nazi.

Yeah; I just threw that last one in there.  So sue me -- they'll come after you for mistreating an animal, bub.


  1. with regard to your points 1 through 3 - one might say the paris accords are woefully inadequate, and while this is arguably true, the big question often is - "compared to what?"

    lip service, compared to nothing at all, is a kind of progress - as time goes by, perhaps efforts to curb carbon emissions will be intensified

    with regard to your point 4, your characterization of marine le pen, allow me to counterpoise sarah palin's enthusiasm for her younger, prettier niece, marion maréchal-le pen

    "Ms Palin, writing for the conservative news website Breitbart, described the Frenchwoman as 'a clear voice of courage and common sense in a country and continent in need of both'. The young far-right candidate reminded her of Joan of Arc, she said."

    1. It depends, I think, on what the stakes are, and what kind of response is appropriate to the moment. As Compared To What may not be the right question -- "Without certain, specific actions, what is the likely result?" might be.

      Sadly, it may be that by the time it becomes apparent adopting lesser measures meant the longevity of multinational corporations and national governments was assured, over that of the species -- it may be too late to do much.

      Crazy Moose Lady = Yep; saw that on my BBC mobile app yesterday. Lil' Sarah referred to it as a "political crush". The trouble is that Sarah, and Grand Turtlebear Michelle Bachmann (of the Church Of I Kill You !), are Hot. Hot, hot, hot hot. Beyond question, attractive. And, hot.

      The problem is, their perceptions of the world are abhorrent, abhorrent, abhorrent. It would be something like dating Irma Grese.


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