Monday, February 22, 2016

The Sinking Of The Jebby

$130M Failboat

( Original photo: Antara Photo Agency / Reuters )
I firmly believe the American people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is the servant, not the master, someone who will commit to that service with honor and decency. --  Jebby !  February 20, 2016
The campaign of Chang the Mystic Warrior Jebby, son of Poppy, brother of "Lil' Boots" the Peevish Dullard, finally bled to death in the snows of South Carolina over the weekend. It was curious to watch him admit defeat, a deja vu moment from 2012 as Mitzy announced his own loss: a bitter moment for Jebbo, who believes that the Bushes were born booted, spurred, and ready to ride all of America.

It was the end of a Trail Of Tears. Jebby (and those of his class backing him) raised several hundred million PAC dollars and had spent roughly $130M of it since the spring of 2015, with little to show for it. His campaign was almost literally kicked to the curb. In the process, Jebby became the poster boy for the disconnection between 'traditional' conservatism (i.e., TPTB which fuel and run the Republican party), and the Tea Partei, outsider's 'populist' conservatism of Donald Trump.

Better Than You By Birth, godamnit (Photo: Associated Press)

(And what is that Trumpy, Tea Partei conservatism, you may ask? [You may; it is still permitted.] Is it conservatism at all? Or is the Far Right in America like a bloated, cackling wino, lying in a doorway and bellowing the same illogic, the same delusional phrases, punctuated with "Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Heeeeee!!")

(Yeah; the Far Right in America is something like that -- but here's the punch line: What happens when the Winos are in charge? It's the same question a number of Central European people once asked themselves in, oh, 1933 or so.)

During the Rethug debates, Jebby appeared as the angry assistant principal, hands on hips, chewing out high school students at Assembly for smoking in the bathrooms and showing insufficient 'team spirit'. You could almost hear him whining, I am entitled to the party candidacy, and the Presidency!! Don't you get that?? Don't you??  

(Of course, some people see it as poetic justice: In 2000, Governor Jeb Bush of the state of Florida moved heaven and earth to ensure that Lil' Boots would be the winner of an election that would decide the fate of America for generations, from 9-11 straight through to the masses of refugees crowding into Europe from the Middle East any way they can.)

Who will inherit Jebby's mantle as "The Responsible Conservative", the alternative to Trumpolina? Cruz?  Rubio?  Well... as Deep Throat said to another Republican, Bob Woodward, Follow the money.  See who the KochBrudern and Little Rupert believe they can purchase as "their" President.

But there's always the possibility that even the Kochs and The Crafty Ol' Digger believe too much in their own power, and the strength of their checkbooks -- as Mitzy and TPTB did in the 2012 election, where the Democrats' ground game 'trumped' (sorry) the Republicans' self-delusion. It is possible that Trumpolina will simply be the more appealing candidate to 'ordinary' Republican voters, who apparently don't much care for being told who to want.


  1. who will win if it's

    something different




    maybe we will find out

    1. Those who lead are held up in positions of power by their backers / consensus leaders.

      Trump would be a Warren-Harding, Shiny-Suit front man for corporate business More Of The Same. He would, sadly, personify the image of America as ignorant, low-class and childish Cowboys, as it was with Lil' Boots.

      Because Trump is ignorant, our foreign policy would likely be led by whichever elements of the Right caught Trump's ear at a particular moment. Other world leaders would treat him like a Plague Clown, or worse. The Russians and Chinese would play him like a cheap accordion, and we would be outmaneuvered. At some point Trump's polls would be in low double-digits.

      Hillary also, too, would be the front person for More Of The Same (Clintonania!) -- but people would believe in the image of The First Woman President in America and not look too hard behind the curtain, as we usually do. She would represent America well in foreign policy, but the Same Crew of the wealthy would be mollified and fed Treats... just as with Trumpolina.


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